joking Stop joking around and get to the punchline already!

If you follow our work, you may sometimes wonder what's it like from this side, so, let's talk about the environment around here. Maybe you could tell already, but we love joking around and have a lot of fun together, while still being professional in our work. You want to know the brilliant team that makes everything you see here possible? Really? Why? All jokes aside, this is the perfect opportunity for our members to have their 15 minutes of fame, and they will surely enjoy it!

Head site writer- (the class clown) Eric Robertson

Hello! I am a writer with a passion for words and everything related to it — from books to magazines and newspapers. On my free time, I like to take long marathons of reading and, just for once, read something that wasn't made by me! This passion I have led me to pursue a career in writing for the web, which is not as easy to do as it may sound— and here I am, a few years down the line!

The website editor- (the seasoned wolf) Kevin Walter

I am the editor of this website, and my job is making sure everything is written correctly and accordingly to the overall style and identity of our project. When I am not controlling other people and their work, I like to enjoy some time with my family, being with friends, and put my editing skills to a good use by correcting the kids' homework. I guess editing really must be in my blood, since I do it even when I am not getting paid!

Our contributing writer- (the fisherman) Alan Henderson

You want to know me? Well, there isn't much to say...except that I love fishing ever since I was a child. And that I always had a passion of creating things with words. And maybe that, when I am not writing, I am a top-notch cook. Also, I can speak Spanish very well And even...well, now that I think about it, I guess I do have a lot of things to write about myself... but I suppose it's part of the job!

Our special events report- (the know-it-all) Ritchie Stevens

Hi! I'm the special events reporter of this website, and my job is to know more about different events that are happening regarding the topics we usually cover and talk about. In my free time, I really enjoy watching TV shows and the news, and just talk with my family and friends about different things, like politics, baseball or our view on general topics. I just love a good discussion where there are many different points of view! But don't worry, I don't report on anyone!

Now that the team presented itself, there is one thing we all must assure you although we like having fun, we do take our job very seriously and we are invested in keeping up the good work we have made so far. Our goal is to present you with content of quality that hopefully will keep getting better and even more enjoyable to read, while also informing you about every topic we cover in our work. So, thank you for being with us and making this all possible! Be sure to add your comments on our e-mail or just leave a message on what you might like to see here in the future.


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