Funny movies we all missed in 2017

Every year people compile a list of the funny movies, but many of the movies that feature into those lists are those that have received proper marketing. And 2017 was an exception with movies like Get Out, Logan Lucky and Girls Trip featuring the best funny A-list movies that you don’t want to see. In fact, I suspect it was a tough choice deciding which one would have made the cut at the top 10 best funny movies in that year- yea right. What about those funny movies that people didn’t hear about?

They probably did not get a chance to be featured in cinemas due to lack of promotional money, and so -you missed them. Get over it! You will agree that there are many funny movies released every year from Hollywood that pass unnoticed by many movie fans. This is where the true gems are often found since they are independent movies produced with hard work and not studio pressure. So if you are wondering what funny movies you might have missed in 2017, continue reading this article because I will highlight them to you.

You might have missed the Colossal and The House.

Just like the Colossal OThese are two movies that not only have high-concept stories but is also are funny. In the Colossal, a young woman, Gloria reconnects with her hometown after lack of work and becomes an alcohol addict. The House talks about a family that runs an illegal casino to raise money for their daughter's education. The content in the movies is funny to watch and at the same time passes a message about the dangers and consequences of some decisions in life. Do you want to know the toxicity of social media life?

Than you can't afford to miss again watching the Ingrid Goes West.

Just like the Colossal, it's another funny and educative movie that you might have missed. Aubrey Plaza decides to make Instagram star Elisabeth Olsen her new BFF, but it turns out that their lifestyles don't wade-in. One of the reason some of these movies missed your attention could be because other people viewed them as some of the worst movies made at that time and hence less talked about them. You were busy maybe, so your friends or your favorite movie site did not update you on them.

Look at movies like Absolutely Anything and Once Upon a Time in Venice are probably some of most misunderstood comedies by critics. The directors of these movies, Terry Jones and Mark Cullen respectively, have turned them into great and funny movies. A person who loves funny movies will definitely find these two movies funny. And their storylines are even funnier than the movies themselves.

Another funny movie you might have missed is The Big Sick.

In this movie Kumail Nanjiani, a Pakistan-born comedian falls in love with an American graduate Emily Gardner but later breaks up. Nanjian becomes closer to Emily's family when taking care of her after her illness. It hilarious and has a personal attachment considering it's based on a true story, arguably the best interracial romance comedy in 2017.

Picnic Perfect and Merry Christmas Headphone Jack could be another set of movies that you might have missed in 2017. Directed by Cal Thacher and Chris Nolte respectively, these are two comedies keep you laughing till the and They talk of happy endings that did not go as planned. The good news is that they are family friendly movies that you can watch and have fun times with your loved ones. Any funny movie fan will definitely enjoy watching these movies. Expect to have lots of LOL moments and don't forget to inform your friend to watch them too.