Political Humor How much does it matter?

Bill Maher SPolitical humor involves taking shots and making jokes about political entities and situations relating to politics. You might think the job of political comedians is not difficult at all, but to make jokes and mock leaders that the public is already uncertain about, takes a lot of courage and hard work! While political comedians are experienced in making people laugh with their hilarious jokes, mocking them is not the only thing comedians do. They are also indirectly playing an important role in raising their voice against injustice and spreading awareness about a certain situation for the benefit of the public. Some political comedians lean towards one side and some choose to stay in the middle and bash everyone equally. In this article we will go through the positive impacts of political humor and learn about famous political comedians out there!

What is Political Humor?

Political humor dates way back to ancient times. Politicians, elites and common people have, since centuries, feared the power and influence of political humor on the public. It has just started becoming evident that political humor has a strong impact on reasoning, performance and attitudes. Political humor is not all jokes, but also includes illustrations, videos and so much more about political leaders and different situations. Bill Maher, is a stand-up comedian since the past 15 years and the host of: “Politically Incorrect”. Maher is an equal opportunity offender and makes jokes about all the parties. He makes jokes about things he believes in and only voices them directly from his mind. There are no shortage of comedians who take the direct route to political humor and make hilarious jokes about US President Donald Trump. For example- Albert Brooks, celebrated actor and comedian, made us all laugh when he said, ‘Donald Trump announced this morning that he will run for president, his hair will announce on Friday'. Late-night's comedians also slammed Donald Trump's response to violence in Charlottesville. Here's another joke made about the president by our very favorite Seth Meyers, “It shouldn't take longer for the president to do the right thing than it takes to get a package from Amazon". One of the very few conservative political comedians out there is of course: Dennis Miller, in which he always gives a very different opinion in his political comedy approach. Miller used to bash Bush on a bogus news segment for “Saturday Night Live” -which actually led to a job being a comedian for FOX news.

How Much Does Political Humor Matter?

Political humor matters a lot to people. There are many reasons for that, but the most important reasons are two one, because they get to make fun of the day's politics, and two, some of the political comedy actually has a very strong social message in it A clever joke delivered in a fun way can also communicate to the nation that it is okay to laugh! A modest joke can do no harm, instead, it can spread smiles and awareness or a small but important message. It is a matter of concern if children are exposed to such jokes, because it may give them the wrong idea that things should not be taken seriously. But as adults, we can laugh at political humor because we know that it is a means of examining politics. Bill Clinton once said, ‘I used to have a sense of humor, but they told me it wasn’t presidential, so I had to quit' On the flip side- It’s is okay to make jokes about politics because it releases a little tension among countries where social tension is often at its’ peak.