Why So Serious- Insane humor websites you need to see!

The internet is filled with millions of websites, a couple of them are gag-worthy and will have you smiling or laughing at your screen. The trouble is, most are hard to find. Here is a collection of some humor websites you need to see.


humor on the internet HHave you ever sent out an email you regretted? Rest assured you are not alone, lots of people have done it and many continue to do it Don’tevenreply.com pays homage to people like you It is a collection of funny emails that had required the cancel button and should never have been sent out


Just like the name says, lwastesomuchtime is pointless and wastes time, except its funny too. It aims to allow you to waste all the time you have to spare at just one place. Most of its stuff is pretty random but nevertheless quite hilarious.


Giphy.com is a collection of the funniest GIFs you will ever want to see. It has an extremely extensive database that features just about everything and anything. Additionally, it is organized into categories, making it easy to navigate but the GIFs are hardly predictable. And they update their database almost every day so there is a lot to get you cracking.


Have you ever thought of changing a particular website's URL into something else? Probably not. Well, at shadyurl.com you get to experiment with this. It will have the URL of whatever website you want reading as something totally different on your laptop.


Funnyjunk.com is the ultimate go-to place for all kinds of funny stuff. Videos, pictures, mamas. They have it all viewers are allowed to upload their own funny videos so there is pretty much funny stuff from all around the globe.


Eatliver.com features crazy and funny pictures from the internat. Their collection of mamas will have you cracking the moment you open their page. It is a really fun website to browse if you are looking for a good laugh.


At drawastickman.com, you get to experience some really humorous adventures. All you have to do is draw a stick man and the both of you get to be a part of some epic adventures. Drawastickman.com is quite hands-on. The best part is that you are not just a spectator, you are also involved. You are required to draw particular items as requested that add to the story.

Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos features funny, awkward, and crazy family photos by numerous contributors from around the world. Now obviously most of these photos are unintentional fails featuring real-life families which makes them even more appealing.


Okay, so you are bored enough you are willing to spend some money on funny random things you don't necessarily need. Shutupandtakemymoney.com is the place for you. It will have you gag while you purchase some really crazy items.


Cheeseburger is one of the most popular websites when it comes to producing hilarious content. They have all kinds of mamas, epic fails, funny photos featuring celebrities, cats. At Cheeseburger, better believe you will be laughing at everything you see.